Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Fallen

He could not have been created to serve and worship. He was created to reign and be worshiped. He spoke with others, they all eventually agreed. He was beautiful, more beautiful than all of them put together. He was stronger and smarter than them as well.
They knew it, and they loved him for it. He was their commander in an army against a corrupt and out of touch sovereign. Only he could see how truly uncaring the king had become, for he was the king’s most trusted warrior. He would be their redeemer. On his wake, they would ride into positions of power and respect. Positions that were their birthright, but were kept from them out of malicious spite in the name of love.

He gathered his allies. It was done in secret for no one could learn of their plans. Even the king, claiming omniscience, knew nothing of the battle to come.  He was not a very patient man, and that impulsive nature would be his downfall.

There was a civil war in the heavens when it was all said and done. A civil war that ripped friends apart, tore lovers asunder, and saw children run their fathers’ through with blades of righteous fury. He was at the center of it all, watching, waiting for his moment to take the king. That moment never came. In a flash of blinding light the traitors were ripped from the ground and held aloft in a maelstrom above the clouds. The king sat on his throne of gold, and a single tear ran down his face. “I loved you. Each of you, I loved you. I breathed life into your bodies and called you blessed. I gave you a home of absolute peace, and you have destroyed that home. For this, you will live out the remainder of your never-ending lives, below.”

The wind picked up to a violent pace. One by one you could hear their screams as the gale ripped their wings from their shoulders and they fell. He was the last of them. Determined to make it out of the storm and onto the throne. With a final shake of his head, the king said, “I loved you most, Lucifer. But I misnamed you. You were to be the light-bringer, but you have brought nothing but hate and darkness. Be Gone!”

With a tortured cry, his glorious wings were torn from his body. He dropped from the air as if made of stone. All at once, the fall became almost peaceful and he could see everything so clearly. This was how it was always meant to be. Heaven could not contain the perfection that was Lucifer. He would be their redeemer. From below, he would rise.

When he reached the earth his eyes burned with purpose. They were waiting for him, looking to him with trust and devotion. Their sacrifice would not be in vain. They would have all he promised them. He had become a patient man.