Friday, March 27, 2015

Zombie Killer

Creative writing prompts to finally nip this block in the bud? ...

I cannot wait to get out of this prison. For the next two months my only responsibilities are getting a tan and reading trashy magazines. I am almost finished emptying my locker of the detritus that accumulates throughout a school year when Adam slams into the locker beside mine.

"You have to come with me. It's a matter of life and death." Then he grabs my hand and starts pulling me after him toward the cafeteria. As we approach, I begin to hear it. The moans and groans and utter chaos that accompanies an undead outbreak. I pull Adam to a stop and head toward the last hallway we passed. Luckily, my locker is not the last place I need to clean out before leaving campus.

When we get to the choir room, Adam starts lecturing. "We can't just hide from them! We have to do something! How can you just hide in here? I don't know what is going on out there, but I know that we have to do something about it!"

"Dude, we need supplies. I do know what's going on out there, and running in empty handed is only going to get more people killed. Namely, you and me. And if you are honest with yourself, you know what you saw. So call my dad. Tell him, 'Ravens winning in the cafeteria,' and wait for him to get here."

"Wait for him? No way! I'm coming with you. Dude... why do you have a crossbow and hunting knife in the sheet music closet?"

Without time to argue or explain, I run out of there and toward the fray. When I finally see the cafeteria, I am extremely thankful that most of the kids who drive to school have left. It looks like the entire freshmen class is in the cafeteria trying to bite the few upper class stragglers left. So I do what I have been trained my entire life to do. I kill every zombie in that cafeteria. My knife is slick with their black rot when I make it to the back corner and find the culprit behind the outbreak slipping out of the window and running away.

I had known all year that my biology teacher was a little too excited about dissections. Too enamored of the study of life, or more accurately, the ending of life. And now I know why after catching the glint of the telltale ruby jewel in his gauged earlobe. A necromancer. Looks like my summer may have just gotten more interesting.