Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Fallen

He could not have been created to serve and worship. He was created to reign and be worshiped. He spoke with others, they all eventually agreed. He was beautiful, more beautiful than all of them put together. He was stronger and smarter than them as well.
They knew it, and they loved him for it. He was their commander in an army against a corrupt and out of touch sovereign. Only he could see how truly uncaring the king had become, for he was the king’s most trusted warrior. He would be their redeemer. On his wake, they would ride into positions of power and respect. Positions that were their birthright, but were kept from them out of malicious spite in the name of love.

He gathered his allies. It was done in secret for no one could learn of their plans. Even the king, claiming omniscience, knew nothing of the battle to come.  He was not a very patient man, and that impulsive nature would be his downfall.

There was a civil war in the heavens when it was all said and done. A civil war that ripped friends apart, tore lovers asunder, and saw children run their fathers’ through with blades of righteous fury. He was at the center of it all, watching, waiting for his moment to take the king. That moment never came. In a flash of blinding light the traitors were ripped from the ground and held aloft in a maelstrom above the clouds. The king sat on his throne of gold, and a single tear ran down his face. “I loved you. Each of you, I loved you. I breathed life into your bodies and called you blessed. I gave you a home of absolute peace, and you have destroyed that home. For this, you will live out the remainder of your never-ending lives, below.”

The wind picked up to a violent pace. One by one you could hear their screams as the gale ripped their wings from their shoulders and they fell. He was the last of them. Determined to make it out of the storm and onto the throne. With a final shake of his head, the king said, “I loved you most, Lucifer. But I misnamed you. You were to be the light-bringer, but you have brought nothing but hate and darkness. Be Gone!”

With a tortured cry, his glorious wings were torn from his body. He dropped from the air as if made of stone. All at once, the fall became almost peaceful and he could see everything so clearly. This was how it was always meant to be. Heaven could not contain the perfection that was Lucifer. He would be their redeemer. From below, he would rise.

When he reached the earth his eyes burned with purpose. They were waiting for him, looking to him with trust and devotion. Their sacrifice would not be in vain. They would have all he promised them. He had become a patient man.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Be Careful Out There

Writing prompts, for the win!

"'Be careful out there,' your mom said as you grabbed your duffel bag and headed on a camping trip with friends. 'You know that tonight is the anniversary, don't you?' You nodded, then shut the door behind you before getting in the car and taking off. "
The ride to Denali was as beautiful as you remembered it. You hadn't been there since it happened, but you had really grown and changed since then. Your therapist reminded you of that every time you saw her. It had been 12 years since that night. Since the last time you ever saw your older brother, but you couldn't live your whole life avoiding one of the most beautiful places on earth because of one bad camping trip.

You helped with the tent setup. You helped with building the fire. You even helped cook dinner while drinking a beer and laughing with your best friends in the whole world.

You did not meditate on the fact that you were less than 10 miles from where it all happened. You did not think about how everything might be different if your parents hadn't made you stay in their cabin, rather than in the tents with your older brother and his best friends in the whole world.

After dinner, you went to your tent alone. Your friends were being rowdy and having fun, but they knew what tonight was. They didn't harp too much when you bowed out early. You listened to them laugh and have a good time. Those sounds sang you to sleep.

The sun was bright in your eyes and your clothes were cold and wet when you woke up in your car the next morning. With a resigned sigh, you looked into the passenger seat to see a blood-soaked hunting knife sullying the upholstery. As you opened the car door, it was like you were at once living the present and the past. The scenes were nearly identical. In fact, the more you looked, the more you could see that this particular scene had been staged to be identical to that scene from so long ago. The tents mangled in just the right way. The bodies posed in a macabre tribute to that night 12 years past.

Sometimes history just couldn't help but to repeat itself.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Zombie Killer

Creative writing prompts to finally nip this block in the bud? ...

I cannot wait to get out of this prison. For the next two months my only responsibilities are getting a tan and reading trashy magazines. I am almost finished emptying my locker of the detritus that accumulates throughout a school year when Adam slams into the locker beside mine.

"You have to come with me. It's a matter of life and death." Then he grabs my hand and starts pulling me after him toward the cafeteria. As we approach, I begin to hear it. The moans and groans and utter chaos that accompanies an undead outbreak. I pull Adam to a stop and head toward the last hallway we passed. Luckily, my locker is not the last place I need to clean out before leaving campus.

When we get to the choir room, Adam starts lecturing. "We can't just hide from them! We have to do something! How can you just hide in here? I don't know what is going on out there, but I know that we have to do something about it!"

"Dude, we need supplies. I do know what's going on out there, and running in empty handed is only going to get more people killed. Namely, you and me. And if you are honest with yourself, you know what you saw. So call my dad. Tell him, 'Ravens winning in the cafeteria,' and wait for him to get here."

"Wait for him? No way! I'm coming with you. Dude... why do you have a crossbow and hunting knife in the sheet music closet?"

Without time to argue or explain, I run out of there and toward the fray. When I finally see the cafeteria, I am extremely thankful that most of the kids who drive to school have left. It looks like the entire freshmen class is in the cafeteria trying to bite the few upper class stragglers left. So I do what I have been trained my entire life to do. I kill every zombie in that cafeteria. My knife is slick with their black rot when I make it to the back corner and find the culprit behind the outbreak slipping out of the window and running away.

I had known all year that my biology teacher was a little too excited about dissections. Too enamored of the study of life, or more accurately, the ending of life. And now I know why after catching the glint of the telltale ruby jewel in his gauged earlobe. A necromancer. Looks like my summer may have just gotten more interesting.