Sunday, April 24, 2011


Title: Matched
Author: Ally Condie
Publisher: Penguin Group, 2010
Pages: 238
Genre: Sci-fi

Cassia has always trusted the Society to make the right choices for her: what to read, what to watch, what to believe. So when Xander’s face appears on-screen at her Matching ceremony, Cassia knows with complete certainty that he is her ideal mate…until she sees Ky Markham’s face flash for an instant before the screen fades to black.

The Society tells her it’s a glitch, a rare malfunction, and that she should focus on the happy life she’s destined to lead with Xander. But Cassia can’t stop thinking about Ky, and as they slowly fall in love, Cassia begins to doubt the Society’s infallibility and is faced with an impossible choice: between Xander and Ky, between the only life she’s known and a path that no one else has dared to follow.

This book was fantastic. I love books in which the government is in control of all aspects of the citizens’ lives. Not that I love the idea of the government being in complete control, but I like the thought of that rebellion. Maybe I like to pretend, just for a little while, that I would be that one citizen who has had enough. Who takes matters into her own hands and won’t be brought down by the man.

In Cassia’s society, everything is designed to keep people in their optimal condition. Meals are given out individually with specific nutrient combinations in order to keep citizens healthy. Exercise is regulated in order to ensure people get the required amount without overdoing it. People are poisoned at the age of 80 to ensure they don’t outlive their health. And couples are matched based on genetic compatibility.

Cassia is matched to Xander, her best friend. The probability of two citizens from the same community being matched is slim to none. But it happened to Cassia. And then, it happened again. When she saw Ky’s face on her PortScreen. As you can imagine, this was confusing for Cassia. She grew up with faith in the system that controlled her life. But then they screwed up. And if they screwed this up, what else has gone wrong?

I like Cassia. She rebelled because the Society forced her hand. How do you tell a young girl that she has two perfect matches and not expect her to wonder why? It didn’t help that her grandfather’s 80th birthday was in the midst of all of the drama. Her grandfather who had been keeping secrets from the Society for far longer than Cassia even dreamed. Her grandfather who planted seeds in Cassia’s mind of rebellion and ambition.

I definitely recommend this novel. I also cannot wait for the sequel. And there better be a sequel!


Cover: 5/5
Characters: 4/5
Plot: 4/5
Writing: 4/5
Individuality: 5/5
The Whole Shebang: 4.4/5