Monday, August 12, 2013

Top Ten BA Females

10. Zoey Redbird

Zoey is the lead female character in the House of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast. She was a normal teenage girl with home troubles and boy troubles when she was 'marked' as a fledgling vampire. Soon she is battling evil and being rewarded by her goddess for being awesome. I really like Zoey. She is young and fresh and has a hilarious vocabulary. Here lately she is becoming cynical, but overall she has a very positive attitude. Considering she is fighting the incarnation of evil at just about every turn. She is BA because her goddess, Nyx, is always blessing her with sweet tats to show her appreciation. Also, her boyfriends seem to be pretty hot, you know from what I can read.

9. Maximum Ride

What can I say, the chick's got wings! Max is the oldest of 6 'birdkids' in the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson. She burns a gazillion calories an hour so she gets to eat a whole lot of whatever she wants (or can get her hands on at the time). Max has great leadership qualities, while maintaining the voice of a child. She rarely knows what's going to be best for her and her family, but she has a lot of conviction. And I have to respect that.

8. Melanie Stryder

Melanie plays host to Wanderer in Stephenie Meyer's The Host. I love that Melanie never loses herself, even when her self is invaded by Wanderer's self. She manages to not only remain an active resident in her own mind, but she begins to show Wanderer that her people may be wrong. I like this because Melanie isn't just a BA physically, she has one of the strongest personalities I've ever read.

7. Isabelle Lightwood

Isabelle is a Shadowhunter in The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. This girl is great! She has fantastic style mixed in with a huge can of whoop a**. Not many people can pull off using a whip as a bangle, but this girl has got it going on.

6. Ani

Melissa Marr highlights Ani in the 4th book of her Wicked Lovely series, Radiant Shadows. Ani is a halfling (half-fae, half-human). Her father is Gabe, the leader of The Hunt, and basically the devil's bodyguard. The Hunt are the enforcers for the Dark Court, which includes every single thing you used to have nightmares about. Ani is even badder than most of them. She is a halfling, so she doesn't really fit in with humans or with the fae. So what does she go and do, she goes and makes her own court. That's right, forget about 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em'. Nope, Ani says 'if you can't join 'em, start your own team'.

5. Sin

I mean just her name is BA! Well, Sinead isn't very BA, but she goes by Sin and that's the part that matters. So Sin is a succubus (technically incubus) assassin in Larissa Ione's Demonica series. I think that pretty much sums it up, Sin is a succubus assassin. And not like she kills succubi. She is a succubus who works as an assassin. I don't think any other proof of BA-ness is necessary.

4. Tally Youngblood

Scott Westerfield did an exceptional job. Tally is the lead in his Uglies series. Her world is a place in which ugly only exists until you are 16. And then you can have a series of completely painless surgeries to fix all of what you think genetics got wrong. Any young woman who can turn that down is officially BA. And not only does Tally turn it down, she continues to be BA by outing the frauds and just being awesome.

3. Katsa

Katsa is a Graceling. In Kristin Chashore's Graceling, graceling's are feared as much as they are awed. To see someone who has two different colored eyes is to be in the prescence of a graceling, and it is only natural to be immediately terrified. Afterall, they may have Katsa's grace. Which includes being able to kill with her bare hands as early as the age of 8.

2. Katniss Everdeen

Katniss is a young girl in The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. Katniss grew up in a post-apocalyptic dictatorial-type society. One in which "the man" is always watching and the proletariats far outnumber the leaders, but they haven't yet chosen to do anything about it. Katniss is also a wicked shot with a bow and hilarious in her absolute lack of a sense of humor. She tells the man 'up yours' and her man 'I love you' all in the same go. Out of all of these ladies I have mentioned, I would most like to be like Katniss. Maybe it's just to be able to say that I know Finnick, but I think it's more that Katniss is just that awesome.

1. Sita

Wow. Sita is the original BA, I think. She is a 5,000(ish) year old vampire in Christopher Pike's Thirst series. Sita is selfish and selfless and self-aware and oblivious all at once. She is wise, because how could she not be after 5,000-odd years. But she still makes some pretty terrible decisions. She also gave birth to the reincarnation of Kalika. The Hindu deity of death. That's pretty BA. I admire the faith in Krishna that she demonstrates. I like that she met him, wasn't certain whether he was the true god or not, but she still believed that he was protecting her. But even with all of that, the thing I like most with Sita is her voice. She is absolutely no-nonsense. Things are and things aren't. She is not wishy washy. Oh, and did I mention that she has lots and lots of superpowers and BA fighting skills.